You Are Simply Viable

By Our Story We Are Set Free

Our passion is to equip and empower women to live their best life – a simply viable life!

At Simply Viable, we believe that many have been called by the Lord to preach the good news. We  believe that by our testimonies we are set free. We all have a story to tell that God will use for the benefit of others. We are here to bind up the brokenhearted, to tell the truth in love and walk alongside you on your journey to healing and hope.

Our Simply Viable speakers will proclaim freedom for the captives in the world today. Captives are girls finding themselves in unwanted pregnancy and feeling alone and women who have had an abortion and feel ashamed. They are women fighting through addiction,  souls struggling spiritually, families struggling financially, and women overcoming tragedy. At Simply Viable, it is our heart’s desire to release the captives from darkness into an amazing, simply viable life.

All the speakers listed at Simply Viable are proud to be  pro-life and pro-God!


Proceeds from Simply Viable events are used by our parent organization, Flutter to be used for program expenses & missions. Flutter is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. For more information , visit