Jenny Farrell

As a nurse in a life-affirming pregnancy center for the past twelve years, Jenny Farrell knows the joy and the heartache that comes with ministering to men and women in an unplanned pregnancy. Jenny is the author of, Ribbon of Redemption: True Stories Offering Hope and Healing after Abortion.

Sharing her struggle with fear and anxiety, as well as the pain of her husband’s sudden death, join Jenny and see how God can take the jagged, broken pieces of our lives, transforming them into something beautiful. Together, discover Christ’s Ribbon of Redemption within your own story.

Jenny loves journaling, listening to music, and taking walks along the water’s edge.

Karla Sutter

Karla Sutter, Founder and CEO of Simply Viable LLC and Flutter INC, a non profit. Her passion is that every girl with a unplanned pregnancy from every nation will receive a free ultrasound scan. She has always had unyielding passion for the unborn and the girls having to choose.

Karla was the Executive Director of a Center that started in a basement and was only seeing 20 girls a year, now is seeing over 700 and moved to the college campus. She is a author of ” Waiting, a story about God’s timing “, Positive. A Story of Hope” and Flutter, a children’s book.

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Marcia Buterakos Marron

Marcia’s Life Song has been one with many journeys. Born in Flint Michigan, Marcia graduated from High School and moved to Boulder Colorado where she spent 22 years enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountains! She lives in Ocoee Florida where she has served as the Founding Executive Director of Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic for 13 years. Marcia has a passion for educating her community about ALL life issues.

She has two married sons one who lives in Colorado with 3 of her beautiful granddaughters and her oldest son and his wife live in Mount Dora with Marcia’s 7 year old twin granddaughters! She is also blessed with a daughter who is 22 and currently works in management at Hobby Lobby. She is engaged and will be married in May 2019!

Marcia has just completed her first book, which was written as a tool for encouragement, healing and freedom through her own journey with the Lord.

If asked, the one thing Marcia wants you to know is that she is just like you – a woman made in the image of God! Her desire is to share the message God has placed in her heart to encourage you and give you HOPE!

Jenny Condon

After many years of running her own small business,working in the corporate world, guiding venture capital startups, and supporting nonprofit programs, Jenny Condon, in 2011, was able to make a personal dream come true when she co-founded and became the Executive Director of one of Iowa’s most successful prolife organizations – InnerVisions HealthCare. InnerVisions, an unplanned pregnancy and STD medical clinic, began with a modest budget, two employees and 6 volunteers. The mission was simple; invite women to the clinic to confirm their pregnancy, let them see the child in their womb by offering them a free ultrasound, and then educate them about all the options available; empowering them to make the best and most informed decision. Jenny believed that far more often than not, when given the truth, women would choose life and embrace their motherhood and womanhood. Thanks to the help of many wonderful partners, this loving and compassionate ministry grew beyond anything she could have imagined.

Seven years and more than 800 “saved babies” later, the clinic employs 10 professionals from various fields, has 4 volunteer doctors, 6 nurse volunteers and more than 20 office volunteers. It’s by listening to the needs of the patients, and then employing the right people and by constantly improving the programs and outreach efforts that the clinic has grown in locations and to a nearly $1,000,000 budget.

While a good manager who understands operations and the nonprofit corporate structure can create a well run organization, it’s the collaborative effort of a team that believes and shares a passion for empowering the women and men themselves to save their babies that will ultimately succeed against the abortion conglomerates.

Since InnerVisions opened its doors, the culture in Iowa has dramatically changed for the better and we’re beginning to realize the benefits of embracing a culture of life.

Jenny looks forward to sharing her strategies, stories, and passion for the pregnancy clinic movement and explaining how she was able to grow the mission consistently from year to year until her recent retirement.

According to Jenny, “life is truly good” when you are able to share proven techniques and practices to help other organizations succeed as they fight the good fight.

Best of all, watching a spiritual healing begin and then develop in a woman’s heart as she begins to see that her pregnancy is a gift from heaven…and then witnessing her fears and anxieties turn into excitement and hope is a blessing that is simply “out of this world”.

Angela Weatherly

Equipped with a Bachelor of Science, Business Management degree Angela is an energetic Supervisor who can increase productivity and return on investment through set controls and new innovations. She is highly motivated to accomplish objectives within set parameters. Angela has the ability to work automated systems with little training. TLTA Land Title School completed in May, 2016; Certified Escrow Settlement Professional.

Angela is a very active member at her church, Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas. She currently serves as a small group leader. Previously, she has served in the roles of greeter, usher, and lead usher.

In addition to her role at Covenant Church, Angela also serves as co-leader of the Abortion Recovery Bible Study. With the recent statistics of 1 in 3 women who attend church have experienced an abortion, the work that Angela does in Abortion Recovery is vital for helping those who are hurting and searching for help.

Angela serves with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center (APRC), based in Austin, Texas, as an advisor and volunteer for many of the ministry’s outreaches and fundraisers. She and her husband, Daniel, were added as APRC board members in early 2018.

She has also served with “Justice for All,” a national prolife organization, visiting college campuses using apologetics training to open the conversation of abortion and the alternatives up with students. She is also a volunteer with Oklahomans for life with similar outreaches.

Angela lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband of 10 years and her very special dog, baby Zoe and rescued cat, Ms Kitty.

To contact Angela Weatherly call (214)226-4965 or email Angela at

Saralyn McLean

Worship Leader

Saralyn McLean loves worshiping the Lord through biblical contemporary Christian music. Saralyn grew up as a preacher’s daughter and began playing the piano when she was 5 years old. Saralyn and her siblings (she is the youngest of three) started ministering through music before Saralyn even entered kindergarten. The 3 siblings would sing at churches and encourage people through fun upbeat Christian music that helped people remember that all believers have a promise of lighter days ahead in heaven!

Saralyn started playing the piano in church in third grade and began leading worship during her freshman year of high school. Her love of music comes from being the daughter of parents who loved musical styles ranging from zydeco music to classical. Due to this upbringing, with such an eclectic style of music surrounding her, Saralyn began to love more contemporary Christian music. Saralyn and her brother traveled as a music ministry called, “Change of Heart” after high school and into their college careers.

Saralyn now ministers through music with her husband and has a deep love for worship music; however, it pales in comparison to her love for the Lord. Saralyn has a compassion for the hurting and desires to see all believers come into a true spirit of worship while they are singing praises to the Lord.

Currently Saralyn is traveling with Simply Viable as the Worship Leader, “Serving by Sweet Design”. Serving by Sweet Design will have mp4 recordings available soon. She also has her degree in Psychology with a certification in Christian counseling. Saralyn is the author of the book entitled, “Is There a Kick Me Sign on My Back?” which is available at any bookstore online, especially through her publisher at: